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T   he internet has become a popular tool to provide ready-made logos and branding solutions. While the instant nature of the internet is appealing and certainly serves a purpose, the risk of your logo being conventional, predictable and ubiquitous is high.

Being able to register a name and logo is a wise and necessary business strategy for todays innovative products and services. That’s why Trade Master Graphics in association with Cullens can provide a better, more cost-effective and custom made solution for your business identity needs.

I am proud to say, the logos I design are truly custom made. There are no instant off-the-web shortcuts from Trade Master Graphics. I want every client, every time, to be able to successfully register and trade mark a unique name and logo.

To achieve my clients’ goals, I draw on 38 years of trade experience. From being an award-winning signwriter to working as the Managing Director of a large graphic communications firm, I offer technical expertise as well as business acumen.

I started my design career in the mid 70’s when signwriters were talented craftspeople and artists. Great pride was taken to refine our skills to ensure the images we created, brought to life our clients’ messages. Having worked in this period of hand craftsmanship, I have the benefit of using those firmly embedded foundational design skills in harmony with the amazing digital tools available.

Today more then ever, I love the challenge of designing logos that will build long term brand recognition for my clients in a very busy visual landscape. A logo designed by me will professionally present and showcase your business, setting it apart from your competitors.

My passion is for the small detail when designing the important image standing at the forefront of all successful businesses –


Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson
Manager and Graphic Designer - Trade Master Graphics

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...arrives from a shared association and independent specialist skills.

For a new logo to achieve your goals and expectations, Trade Master Graphics will always begin the design process with a national name availablity check via Cullens’ entensive resources. This ensures the design process has a clear pathway of originality. With a unique name, logo, symbol and identity, your business can aim for the stars, with the surety of uncontesting competitors in your business market.

The registration and protection of your logo should be a priority in building your brand, regardless of your business size. A small business one day, can be a world leader the next. With big business now ensuring their names and product brands are not infringed (unintentionally or planned), it is necessary to look to professionals who operate exclusively in this specialised field of law. Cullens works closely with TMg® to ensure your identity success.


Cullens is headed by a partnership of experienced attorneys who each maintain an active professional practice, thus ensuring that the firm is guided by a leadership which keeps abreast of changes in legislation and practice.

Trade Marks

A trade mark is a ‘sign’ used to signify that products or services originate from a particular person or company, or that the products or services are of a particular quality. As such, a trade mark is a very valuable marketing tool and should be a jealously guarded business asset.

A ‘sign’ may consist of word(s), numbers, a logo or a combination of these. The mark may also be a signature, numeral, device, heading, label, ticket, aspect of packaging, shape, colour, sound or even a scent (although these are more difficult to register).


Trade Marks, Business Names and Company Names

Trade marks should not be confused with business names or company names. The registration of business and/or company names is compulsory and serves the purpose of allowing a searchable register of names to be maintained.

The registration of a business or company name generally does not give the name holder any ownership of that name nor immunity from trade mark infringement, passing off, or a breach of the Trade Practices Act or corresponding fair trading legislation.

Different traders in different states may register identical business names and likewise very similar business and company names may be allowed to coexist. However, if your business or company name is registered as a trade mark you may be able to prevent a competitor from using an identical or similar business or company name in Australia.

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